The Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD) was established in 1989 by the Council of the University of Ghana at the request of the then Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ (now Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Regional Cooperation and NEPAD). LECIAD is thus an academic unit within the Faculty of Social Studies of the University of Ghana but with a strategic link with the MFA.


Its mission is to meet the nation’s needs for well-trained diplomats, researchers and professional personnel in International Affairs, International Law and International Economics.

LECIAD has undergone a number of progressive changes since its establishment and has attracted students from varying educational and professional backgrounds. The Centre is increasingly becoming the destination of students from all over the world. The Centre adopts a problem-solving approach to the study of international affairs by combining theory and research in order to come to terms with the issues concerning Africa and changes the world is undergoing.


As a multi-disciplinary research centre, LECIAD complements its core faculty strength with scholars from other departments within the University, such as Economics Political Science, Administration, and the Natural and Medical Sciences. The Centre also hosts a number of visiting scholars.


The Centre also boasts of a modest but specialised and well stocked Library with most of the leading international affairs journals available on the shelves to facilitate the work of the students and staff. Increasingly access is being extended to graduate students from other faculties.


The Centre collaborates with Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Parliamentary Select Committee on Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) to organise conferences, workshops and seminars on topical issues on Ghana, Africa and the world at large.

Recent such extension activities have been on Negotiation, Regional Integration, African Union, Ghana’s Foreign Policy Options, Globalisation, Good Governance, Conflict Management, NEPAD and Multilateral Trading System.

LECIAD occasionally co-hosts foreign renowned speakers with other institutions like the USAID and Centre for Economic Policy Analysis (CEPA). Recently the Centre co-hosted open lectures by Mr. Thomas Friedman, The Foreign Affairs Columnist of New York Times, USA and Professor Phyllis E. Oakley, John Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies.

The Centre presently hosts the United Nations Training Programme on Peacebuilding and Good Governance for African Civilian Personnel. This programme is a collaborative activity between Scuola Superiore Sant’Anna of Pisa (Italy) and the United Nations Department for Economic and Social Affairs, New York (UNDESA) with financial assistance from the Italian government.


The Legon Centre for International Affairs and Diplomacy (LECIAD) is a relatively young but enterprising centre for studies in International Affairs, which is fast establishing itself as an institute of consistent high academic achievement in the fields of teaching and research.

As a research institution located in Africa , LECIAD’s philosophy and approach to teaching and research in International Affairs have been shaped by the history of Ghana as Africa ‘s political liberation forerunner, and Africa ‘s precarious standing in the global political economy.

Throughout its existence, LECIAD has explored the Ghanaian and African perspective in International Affairs by contributing to public discourse and sensitizing the general public on issues confronting Africans and their advancement in the global community.

LECIAD has, since its establishment, made a significant contribution to International Relations in such areas as, Conflict Resolution and Human Rights Studies, Regionalism, International Law and Diplomacy, the United Nations (UN) system, International Finance and Development, as well as International Political Economy.

LECIAD Frontview

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