Blog Vision, Mission, Objectives


To become the most convenient communications tool of choice for interaction between librarians, lectures and students


To provide an internet platform where librarians, lectures and students can communicate conveniently beyond geographical barriers, sharing, discussing, developing & arguing ideas.


  • To advertise LECIAD globally, providing the center with an excellent public relations tool
  • To expand the communications reach of the Centre to cover the globe
  • To facilitate interactions between Librarians and their customers i.e. students and staff
  • To facilitate dissemination of notices/adverts from the Centre
  • To provide a tool to librarians to notify their customers of new arrivals
  • To provide interconnectivity with other international affairs/diplomacy related blogs, journal blogs and Ivy League school press blogs
  • To provide students with equal access to important information, to expand students’ understanding of specific issues, and to direct students to explore additional material
  • To provide a cheap and flexible alternative to Print Advertising

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